Sunflowers paint by number

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 We love Sunflowers and they are such fun and beautiful paint by number to do. Sunflowers, I dare not speak against her beauty; beauty which encompasses the spirit of truth, the spirit of faithfulness, the spirit of light.

We do love Poems :)

There it was staring at me with its inviting eyes, eyes which seemed a little lost, a little troubled, a little like mine. My hand trembled as it wiped the disbelief from my vision.  But there it was in all its beauty: eloquent, mysterious and enchanting. A vivid portrait of heavenly grace. all could witness, yet,  one could possess.The seeds which I had planted in an attempt to dispel my restless woes had sprout up in a seemingly un-fertile place, a place where I could not fathom I would find my Sunflower.

The Sunflower is awfully bigheaded. For being so tall & gangly. With fiery blooms, rough around the edges. He’s quite a sight to see annually. He looks down upon all the other flowers. With his head so high in the sky. This makes the other flowers jealous. But they fail to realize the sunflower lives a lie. Because the problem with the sunflower. Is that he turns his back on the sun. Creating the misconception.That he does not need anyone. But through the circadian rhythm. His leaves continuously change.