What Is Mindfulness And How You Can Achieve It By Painting?

  • by Paint by number online
What Is Mindfulness And How You Can Achieve It By Painting? - Custom paint by number

As we’ve mentioned several times, paint by numbers is a very therapeutic exercise that increases mindfulness through the calming effect of the process. But what exactly is mindfulness? we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

Essentially, mindfulness is the state of being completely in the moment and aware of yourself, your thoughts, and the world around you. Being ‘present’ has become increasingly difficult for most people, due to our very demanding and fast-paced lifestyles. Most of us are so busy working, all the while planning or preparing for the next task and the one after that, that we never really centre ourselves and clear our minds until it is at its simplest, purest level.

It has now been discovered that painting is an excellent way to achieve mindfulness and that it has similar benefits as that of meditation. So if you can’t seem to sit still long enough to meditate, paint by numbers might just be the best alternative for you to achieve mindfulness.

Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it that painting creates a healthier more centred mind and therefore existence. So here are some benefits of mindfulness through art that we see every day in the people we work with:

1) It decreases heart rate and blood pressure

2) Even brief periods of painting improves focus, memory retention and concentration

3) It makes you more observant of the world around you

4) It is therapeutic for anyone who struggles with stress, depression or trauma

5) It trains your mind to get into a flow state, where you can completely focus on what you’re busy with and work on it more effectively

6) It increases and improves your creative thinking

7) It is an ideal way to ‘switch off’ after a busy day or week 

Research has shown what most artists can attest to: that mindfulness and creativity complement and fuel each other. Essentially, when you’re immersed in creating art, you will automatically experience mindfulness and vice versa.

As we said above, this is not something we expect you to just take our word for. So why not get in touch and let's get you going on one of our Paint By Numbers projects so you can start to see for yourself the benefits of painting on your mindfulness.