How To Frame A Paint By Numbers Canvas

  • by Paint by number online

Whether you call it framing a canvas or stretching a canvas, getting it done by an expert can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. However, you can cut out on time and cost by doing it yourself, even with the most precious painting that needs considerable care. This can be accomplished by easily stretching and framing your Paint By Numbers canvas in the comfort of your home either before or after painting on it. They come in handy because a canvas often doesn’t have a canvas frame, and it can be tiring trying to figure out the correct frame to purchase. Paint By Numbers kits are available with wooden frames, making it easy to get started on your project.

Here are a few tips we have gathered to help you stretch a canvas that will not consume time and is relatively simple.

The materials you will receive in the kit include four wooden stretcher bars and thumbtacks to be used for fixing the canvas onto the back of the frame. A staple gun will be more effective on a larger canvas to ensure it stretches evenly and is also taut.

If you want to frame the canvas before painting, the first step would be to spread the canvas with the numbered side facing down, on a flat surface. You will then need to join the stretcher bars to make a frame. Once this is done, place the frame on top of the canvas with its front facing down.  

The following step is to ensure each side of the frame matches the grain of the canvas, or it will continue to move once its stapled into place. There must also be some material on each side of the frame so that there is enough material to make it taut. Once the frame is on the grain, you must then place the longer side of it and the canvas in front of you and stretch as much as possible. Make sure to stay on the grain while pulling the canvas and then fold it over the frame. Use the thumbtacks to fix the middle part of the canvas onto the frame.

On the opposite side of the frame, stretch the canvas without spoiling the print and fold it over the frame, not forgetting to fix the middle onto the frame. Move onto the smaller side, stretch and fold before tucking it under the other canvas fold and fix it with a thumbtack. This should be repeated on all sides and once done, check if the canvas is taut enough. Trim off any excess canvas that may look unpleasant and spoil the look of the canvas. we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

And that is how you frame a Paint By Numbers canvas. Now that you are done, you can hang it up in the spot that you envisioned or get ready to start painting if you have not already.