Customs paint by numbers kit personalised

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Customs paint by numbers kit personalised

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Customs paint by numbers kit personalised
40x50cm / 16x19inch - $0.50
  • 40x50cm / 16x19inch - $0.50


 🎁 The perfect personalized gift!

You don't need any painting skills to enjoy the Painting by numbers on canvas kit! Our kit contains everything you need to unleash the inner artist in you.

Choose a photo you absolutely love 😍😍 and once you have your favorite photo selected, we will create your own canvas. Read the below information. ⬇️

- To avoid any distortion to your kits, make sure to select a size with a similar aspect ratio to the photo you upload! The more detailed and larger the picture you upload, the better!

- Each kit includes Professional Editing! Photos may be adjusted to make your image into the best possible photo to paint by number kit. Our experts will do their best to keep the image in as true form as possible to what was uploaded but may take artistic liberties to make images fit the dimensions of your kit. This may include cropping out the excess background, or, in rare cases, changing the size of the kit to the most appropriate for the subject matter.


personalized paint by number

- Please allow an additional 2-4 weeks days shipping as these are very labour-intensive to edit, design, and produce your piece of art!

- You will receive the kit, with some paintbrushes and some oil painting pots with numbers to match the canvas.

- Most of all, have fun!

a drawing of a face


How to choose your photo for a personalised paint by number

 Photo to paint by number

Unleash your inner artist with this FUN and EASY TO DO paint-by-numbers kits for Children and adults. One of the best way to relax and chill out. Create your own wall art that you can show to friends and family. A cool way to dress up the home. Our kits come with great quality acrylic paint and high-quality linen canvas.

Learn how to stretch YOUR Paint by Number Image with our free guide

Why you should order: 

  • PERSONALISED AND COOL WALL DECORATION - Paint your canvas and hang your wall arts inside of you home.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Might be a mother's day or the birthday of a best friend, these Personalized kits are an awesome gift idea,
  • CHILL OUT AND RELAX. Release the days' tensions with these original paint by numbers.

**FREE SHIPPING** We ship to anywhere in the world. As we ship from various locations, it can take approximately 4 weeks for your order to arrive. You may also receive multiple packages if ordered more than one.

**100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE** If for any reason, you are not happy with your product, drop us an email and we'll refund you for your order. 

Do you have a question or do you need help with your purchase? Send us an email at or hit us up on Facebook! We try and answer any query in less than 24 hours. 

We use a system very similar to PNBify but we have professional graphic designers to make sure that you get the best result possible.

what's in the our package? 

-1x numbered acrylic-based paint set  
-1x pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas  
-1x set of paint brushes
-1x set of easy-to-follow instructions for use

**Frame not included**

Skills required:

  • Ability to color inside the lines
  • Ability to color outside of the lines


  • Dispatch: Within 4 days
  • Free shipping across all products
  • International delivery time - 12-18 business days
  • Easy 30 days returns and exchanges

If you do not like the product you can return it within 15 days - no questions asked.


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Frequently Asked questions

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by numbers is a creative hobby where a picture is divided into shapes, each marked with a number that corresponds to a specific color. You paint in each shape and ultimately the picture emerges as a finished painting.

What Materials Do I Need to Start?

A typical paint by numbers kit includes a pre-printed canvas marked with numbers, small pots of paint in the required colors, and one or more paintbrushes. You might also want a cup of water for rinsing brushes and a cloth for wiping.

How Do I Begin a Paint by Numbers Project?

Start by setting up a comfortable workspace with good lighting. Lay out your canvas and organize your paints. It's often recommended to start painting from the top of the canvas and work your way down to avoid smudging.

Which Paint Color Should I Start With?

It's generally easier to start with either the darkest colors or the largest areas. This can help provide a framework for the rest of your painting.

How Do I Prevent the Paint from Drying Out?

Keep the paint pots closed when not in use. If the paint does start to dry, adding a tiny amount of water can sometimes help revive it.

Can I Mix the Paints to Get More Shades?

Yes, you can mix colors if you feel comfortable doing so. It allows for more creativity but is not necessary for most kits.