How To

Each of the kits contains a paint by numbers canvas that holds simplified and easy to comprehend instructions that allow for you to be able to paint some of the best scenes in the easiest way possible. Along with that every single kit also holds a large number of paints and brushes of the best quality to ensure that you are easily able to paint and have a fantastic time doing so as well. The kits will allow you to initially hone and sharpen your skills of painting and make it far easier for you in the future through an easy and simple step by step method that is easy to follow and fun for every single person who is involved.


Step 1

Here is what you will find in the packaging. 

Paint by numbers kit

Step 2

Digital painting each number corresponds to a colour, before painting, find the corresponding colour.

Paint by numbers online

Step 3

According to the different areas of the canvas, fill in the corresponding colour, the pigment does not need to be mixed with water. Paint the pigment as think as possible.

a close up of food

Step 4

Due to the different colours and the different areas, in order to prevent bad mixing due to excess colour that stayed in the paint brush, make sure to clean the brush and dry before using another colour.

a bowl of soup

Step 5

Pigment has strong coverage, if you accidentally painted the wrong segment, wait for it to dry before reapplying the correct colour over it.

How To

Step 6

Finally, let the painting dry and hang on a wall in your house :)

a close up of a flower