Top 10 Boys Bedroom Paint Ideas

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Top 10 Boys Bedroom Paint Ideas - Custom paint by number

There are certain choices when it gets to gendered preferences. It’s not easy to resemble a palatable personality using a portrait. But Paint By Numbers Online seems to take the challenge. It enriched its store with convenient, delightful & pleasuring painting kits.

We have also another huge list of easy things to paint and if we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

Not all the kits can equally match your quest for convenient ideas. Still, we have some suggestions enlisted right below. 

  • Animals Family 5

Animals Family 5

The ultimate ‘Kung Fu Panda’ edition seems like one generous choice. The happy, smiling get together faces should fill the boy with pleasure every time.

  • Seasons


Natural appeal during all 4 major seasons got perfectly portrayed in a single frame. The outstanding view has to keep your kid wondering about nature.

  • Up in The Air

Up in The Air

The unforgettable image of ‘UP’ comes in a painting kit to initiate further satisfaction. Without a doubt, it’s one exceptionally good touch for a boy’s bedroom.

  • Deer 1

Deer 1

Two deer hanging out in the wilderness comes with a somewhat basic but detailed view. The artistic representation should cope with the youngster’s mind.

  • Cute Animal Collection N8

Cute Animal Collection N8

A loveable baby cat comes in a hat with large eyes revealing an innocent look. It’s rather difficult to ignore the overall beauty of the colorized portrayal of bedroom walls.

  • Skies Collection N9

Skies Collection N9

A dancing figure right under the sky with blowing & glowing meteorite. The incredibly featured night sky has to fill the mind with optimum joy, no matter what.

  • Totoro 4

Totoro 4

Passing the time with a lovely Totoro right under a tree seems one particular childhood dream. And the portrait has to give some sweet dream for the young boy.

  • Animals Family 8

Animals Family 8

Pretty wide coverage of natural wildness got captured within the frame. And a whole lot of chirping birds should give some amazing insight all along.

  • Fantasy 13

Fantasy 13

Completely wild lifestyle with someone to hear all the stories. The painting kit itself represents a superb childhood fantasy for any adventurous boy.

  • Kids Bedroom 4

Kids Bedroom 4

Pretty simple details come ready to hit the mind with unnatural & unknown. The magic hat right over the sneaking tiger goes really well with the kid’s innocent mind.


There are several other kits available you may want to look. Just dive into Paint By Numbers Online collections to go through the checklist.