Starting A Unicorn Paint By Number

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Starting A Unicorn Paint By Number - Custom paint by number

Starting your unicorn paint by number image can be daunting at first, but with the right approach, you can soon bring your creation to life. These beautiful canvas kits give you an easy-to-use and follow system that helps you create a brilliant piece of art. Read on to learn more about these fantastic products and how to use them.

Select Your Canvas Carefully

Selecting your image and canvas size is the first and arguably most important step. You should choose something suited to your abilities and interest levels. Having something large and complex is way too much for a novice, and on the other end, having smaller, less intricate designs can be boring for an experienced artist. Finding the perfect image lets you take on a task you can complete and enjoy. 

Start With Larger Areas 

It’s recommended that you paint the largest areas first, working your way down to the smaller sections. This allows you to get into the flow of things and ensure the latest paint areas are dry when needed. With larger sections filled in, it can also be easier for the image's shape to come together. 

Work From Left To Right

If you’re right-handed, work from left to right. You will avoid accidentally smearing paint across your picture. If you are left-handed, try left to right motion. You will always have a dry place to rest your hand and ensure you don't mess up the image in the zone. 

One Colour At A Time

When you’re painting one color with another, you will most likely keep them moist during painting, and your paints will stay clean and unspoiled. When you want to change colors, you must wash your brushes in clean water and then wipe them dry with a clean piece of cloth. But I recommend not changing it frequently unless it’s really necessary.

Check The Reference 

When you start your first painting by numbers, you will notice that some areas are pretty small, and so are the numbers. Customers sometimes refer to the reference sheet to ensure they know where they are. Some people even enjoy using magnifying glasses or magnifying work lights in certain areas of larger, intricate images. These small areas bring the image together in detail and are often the trickiest parts of the picture to complete. 

A unicorn paint by numbers kit can be a wonderful way to create beautiful art for your home. When you buy high-quality kits, you can enjoy endless artistic moments as you dive into your creativity. Contact us today to find out more.