Making Memories With Every Brush Stroke

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Making Memories With Every Brush Stroke - Custom paint by number

If you are an avid pet lover, then our dog paint by number kits are suited just for you. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can create the perfect painting to bring to life and hang proudly on a wall in your home. Whether for memories, an artistic outlet, or simply to pass the time, these kits will add to your interior aesthetics.

Why Dogs? Why Not? 

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and to them, we are their entire lives. All they really want is a few extra cuddles on the couch, more sneaky treats under the dinner table, and a few extra minutes to smell new and wonderful things on their walks, and they’ll love you forever. Many people are fortunate enough to have a life-long companion in the form of a dog, one who loves unconditionally, doesn’t care what you look like, will lick you even when you haven’t showered, and who will risk their lives to save yours. If unconditional love had a physical manifestation, it would be a dog!

Sadly, our furry companions live shorter lives than us, and it’s one of the world’s most difficult cruelties to accept, but their memory lives on with us, and that’s why a special painting is the perfect keepsake for a friend lost but never forgotten.

Letting Go

People grieve in different ways, but art has always been a beneficial way of expressing one’s emotions and finding peace within the chaos of your heart, especially after losing a beloved pet. So, if you’ve recently had to say goodbye to your furry friend, turning to art could be a great way to grieve and find peace. A dog paint by number is the perfect way to pay tribute to a special life, and our custom range allows you to paint your favourite pictures of your best friend.

Customised Portraits

The day you walked past the window of the pet store and saw little puppies licking and scratching at the glass or made your way through the heartbreaking corridor of an animal welfare facility, you knew you were taking an innocent soul home, where you could give them the happiest life imaginable. You made sure they always had a place on the bed, gave them midnight snacks, and always had a few extra minutes for belly rubs and calming affirmations. But those years passed far too quickly, and now your beloved friend has licked your cheek for the last time, and it’s time to say goodbye. 

It’s never easy, we know, but we want to help you keep their memory alive. How? with a custom paint by number kits. Send us a photo of your furry friend, and we'll create a custom paint-by-number that you can bring to life, full of the memories you've made with the four paws that will always hold your heart.

With these compelling reasons in mind, we encourage you to bring your vision to life with our unique dog paint by number canvas kits. Browse through our range to find the ideal fit for your creativity today.