Master the Art of Painting by Numbers A Comprehensive Guide with Proven Tips and Tricks

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Top Tips to Master the Painting by Numbers Game

Dive Right Into Painting by Numbers

Step into the artist’s world without confronting the blank-canvas fright with the popular Painting by Numbers. This systematic approach to painting breathes life into a picture one numbered color at a time, making it an enjoyable and rewarding process for everyone, regardless of artistic experience. With these pro tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a painting by numbers whiz.

Understanding the Basics

Think of painting by numbers as your gateway to the art world. Each painting by numbers kit includes a canvas with outlined images, each section marked with a number corresponding to a paint color, a collection of paint pots numbered to match the canvas, and a set of brushes. The aim is to paint the sections with the matched numbered color and watch the picture manifest beautifully.

Honing Your Painting by Numbers Skill: The Handy Tips

Tip 1: Organize Your Workspace

Dumping everything on a table might sound tempting but believe us, organized chaos works best when it comes to painting. Get dedicated storage boxes for paints and brushes, and keep your water and cloth handy.

Tip 2: Decode the Canvas

Get familiar with the canvas before you begin painting. This way, you’ll know exactly what picture you’re aiming to achieve and have a good understanding of how the colors blend into one beautiful masterpiece.

Tip 3: Pick the Right Brush

Choose your brush wisely. Bigger brush for a larger area and smaller brush for detailed sections. Your kit will come with brushes in different sizes, so pick the one that best suits the area you’re painting.

Tip 4: Begin with the Dark Colors

While you can choose the order of colors, it’s advised to start with dark colors. Covering all the large areas that require dark shades and then moving onto lighter hues makes the painting process easier and helps bring out the depth in the picture.

Tip 5: Rinse the Brushes

Remember to clean the brushes when switching between colors. Though it might seem like a trivial task, tiny remnants of a different color can drastically alter the color you’re trying to achieve. Rinsing the brushes can save you from unexpected and unwanted color mix-ups.

Tip 6: Patience is Key

Lastly, be patient. It’s not a process to rush. The joy of painting by numbers is not just about the final product, but also the steps you follow to get there. Enjoy every brushstroke and every color you add to your canvas.

The Less Known Inside Tricks

Trick 1: Start from Top to Bottom

If you're right-handed, start from the top left corner so that your hand doesn't smudge the wet paint. If you're left-handed, begin from the top right corner. This prevents any unintentional smearing of the wet paint.

Trick 2: Use a Magnifying Glass

If your canvas has a lot of fine details, a magnifying glass could be your saving grace. It helps focus on those tiny areas without straining your eyes.

Trick 3: Use the Layering Technique

If you find that the paint isn't covering the numbers or lines, don't glob more paint on. Instead, let the first coat dry completely, then add another layer of paint. You'll get a smooth, opaque finish without the paint bulging out.

Trick 4: Frame it Right

If your canvas comes rolled up, ensure it is properly stretched and pinned to a frame before you begin painting. A tight and flat surface will make the painting process much easier and the result far more professional.

Finding Joy in the Journey of Painting by Numbers

The beauty of paint by numbers lies not just in the pleasure of creating a beautiful artwork, but also in the calm and focus that the process promotes. Every dip of the brush in paint, every spread of color on the canvas brings relaxation and a sense of peace. As you navigate canvas and colors, remember the process is as valuable as the final creation. Happy painting!