About Us

We provide custom paint by number kits to the world. A stunning range of artistic products, these images allow you to express and enjoy the work of painting, even without experiences or defined skill. With a design and system that breaks each image down into segments and blocks, this layout makes it easier to fill in the colours in the suitable spaces and replicate the beautiful image before you. With high-quality creations on weighty paper, these are ideal for all ages and skill levels, allowing you to delve into a world of creativity in the best possible way. With all the tools you need provided for you in the kit, this is a simple and effective way to create an eye-catching image to hang on your wall. Be sure to order yours online!

How To Create

When you buy a paint by number kit, you get all the artistic and tooling elements you will need to complete the image effectively. From colour selections to brushes and the pictures you have selected, you get all the necessary elements to start creating right away. As an ideal activity for hobbyists or holidaymakers, this is a beautiful way to spend relaxing free time. 

Once received, you can layout the kits' content to get started, from the brushes and paint options to the style of image you want to work on. You simply need to follow the provided colour key and numbering system on the image to begin filling in blocks. How you do it is up to you. Many enjoy going numerically, starting at one and working up, while others enjoy going by colours. You will create a stunning image no matter which way you do it. Fill in each block with the corresponding colour until the entire picture is complete.

A Family Photo

With the ability to add custom elements to these designs, having a personal photo or family image as the chosen picture to create can add a stunning gifting element to this selection. When you can colour in an image of a familiar and dear memory, it makes both the process and result that much more special. This is a brilliant way to commemorate good times and share them with loved ones. 

Be sure to get in touch right away to order your custom paint by number kits. We can deliver high-quality products that you can enjoy for hours at a time. Contact us today!