The 15 Best Paint By Numbers Kits Of 2022

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The 15 Best Paint By Numbers Kits Of 2022 - Custom paint by number

If you haven’t tried a paint by numbers kit yet, this list will help you pick the best kits for you this year. You will love the finished product! If you’re a seasoned paint by numbers fan, you may have already tried some of these, but if you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into, have a look at our top 15 kits for 2022. 

Paint By Numbers’ method of painting allows you to produce something close to a masterpiece as you follow the numbers and paint accordingly. We provide you with the canvas and paintbrushes, so let’s find out what the best picks are this year.

  1. Pop Art Collection

Enjoy the bursts of colour that really bring every painting to life with that pop art trademark look. This paint by numbers kit collection includes pop icons like Michael Jackson and Emma Stone.

  1. Cities Collection 

Recreate the most magnificent architecture of some of the world’s most famous cities on your canvas. This collection includes Havana, New York, Hong Kong, the Moscow Castle and more.

  1. Smoke Collection 

Find an Avante Garde kit in this collection that celebrates the mysterious beauty of smoke in different colours and settings.

  1. Ship Collection 

Satisfy your fascination with ships by choosing a paint by numbers kit from this collection. Painting water on your own can be tricky, but this kit guides you to perfection.

  1. Flamingo Collection

Flamingos make great subjects for art, and now you can get the colours just right with this gorgeous collection of paint by numbers kits.

  1. Unicorn Collection 

Choose a unicorn painting from this stunning collection based on the mystical creatures that captivate so many people. Produce a beautiful canvas painting that you can hang in your bedroom.

  1. Portrait Collection 

Portraits are a great way to bring life and a focal point to a room. This collection gives you an eclectic range to choose from.

  1. Skulls Collection 

From pirate skulls to Mexican skulls to skulls and butterflies, we have an interesting variety of paint by numbers kits in this riveting collection that will thrill and enchant.

  1. Glass Collection 

Painting glass is not easy unless you’ve studied the techniques. But with these kits, you can paint an eye-catching picture on canvas that’s on par with the quality of professional artists.

  1. Cartoon & Anime Collection 

Cartoon fans will love this one. Paint a realistic replica of your favourite animated characters from Pokeman to Captain America. 

  1. Fantasy Collection 

Choose from 44 enchanting fantasy-inspired paintings to recreate, and you will have a beautiful piece to hang up in your favourite room.

  1. Mandala Collection 

If you are drawn to Mandala art, you will love this collection of Mandala flowers, animals and other designs to paint, taking your creativity to new heights.

  1. Military Collection

This selection of paint by numbers kits for military aficionados will alight the senses. Choose from military aircraft to tanks, soldiers and more.

  1. Nature Collection

Discover the artist within you with our nature-inspired painting kits. Choose from landscapes, trees, flowers and more.

  1. Custom Collection

You can customise your paint by numbers with your own photo and enjoy a personalised painting created by you. These would also make unique gifts for loved ones.

Feeling inspired? Reduce stress and get creative with Paint By Numbers. Browse our paint by numbers kit collections or contact us with your queries. Go on, awaken the artist in you.