Reaping The Rewards Of An Artistic Hobby

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Reaping The Rewards Of An Artistic Hobby - Custom paint by number

Gone are the days of painting by numbers being seen as child’s play. With psychologists and psychiatrists promoting a rhythmic activity, it is clear to see why painting by numbers would rank as your first choice. Not only is it therapeutic but it doubles as a beautiful addition to your walls. Below we have outlined the three major benefits of having an artistic hobby.  

Decreasing Stress 

Show us a person who does not need to have their stress decreased… anyone? We thought not. Psychology Today wrote an entire article on how painting by numbers assists with decreasing stress, so don’t just take our word for it. The rhythmic and continuous action of painting has been shown to increase concentration as well as stimulating areas of the brain which relates to enjoyable concentration. This in turn leads to the release of dopamine and improves mental health not only in a psychological aspect but a biological too.  

Increases Fine Motor Skills 

So, you know how to hold a pen or paintbrush, great! But why is this important during adulthood you ask? You surely have refined your fine motor skills by now right? By continuing to develop your fine motor skills you are keeping your brain actively processing which assists with reactivity as well as agility. Not only is this important as you age, making sure you can perform daily tasks, but this has been shown to improve work productivity. Therefore, you are able to relax, have fun whilst creating a masterpiece for your home as well as become more productive with work! Sold! 

It's Not Just 1-2-3  

Unlike our childhood 1-2-3 paint by numbers, the adult version has been adapted to allow even the most restless of minds to be able to concentrate. Think of this as building a 10 000-piece puzzle, the intricacy and focus needed is unparalleled. Painting by numbers becomes a place where you are fully able to be absorbed. The concentration provides you with a space to be artistically you, without the worry of being artistic. Giving you the confidence to explore your artistic side in totality with the structure so many of us crave.  

By having a project which you can exclusively focus on, you can zone out of your mundane daily stressors. Creating something you cannot only show off but something that can double up as a gift to your family and friends. Not only a fruit of your labour but a piece of you to hang eternally. We can think of nothing better than a personalised paint by numbers of your children, of a parent or a loved one who has passed. Painting by numbers can be a cathartic process, an act of love as well as a healing tool. Not only is it a place to relieve stress and improve your wellbeing, it is really fun! In a world where things can become overwhelming and the insecurity of an unstable world hits you, you can always pull out your paint by numbers knowing you’ll be able to create perfection.  

If you, like us, want to explore the serenity surrounding paint by numbers we have a paint by numbers perfect for any occasion. Design your own paint by numbers or choose from our selection of pre-set paintings. Delivered straight to your door in just days, what do you have to lose? Contact us today!