Four Creative Ways to Manage and Reduce Your Stress Levels

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Four Creative Ways to Manage and Reduce Your Stress Levels - Custom paint by number

“To be or not to be, that is the question”

The opening line of Shakespeare’s lengthiest play, Hamlet has been uttered many-a-time over the last few centuries. Some of us recited it in school plays, while others use it as a play on words in everyday conversations. (Pun intended). However, in terms of having a conversation about creativity and the impact of art on our wellbeing, this phrase captures the very essence of what it is to be human.

How Can Getting Creative Help You Get A Handle On Stress?

The world that we live in places us under pressure in many ways. Work, family life, our social circles - the list is endless. So, what do you do to take the edge off? Participating in the arts and being creative has been proven to reduce stress in many ways. Art is personal. It’s not necessarily about becoming an award-winning crooner or exhibiting painter - it’s about finding release through creative expression. In this blog, we share some ideas on how you can keep a grip on your mental health through artistic activities and painting by numbers.

Join an Acting or Improv Class

If you get a little anxious when you’re stressed, you may feel helpless or stuck when you’re under pressure. Improvisational acting offers an opportunity to learn how to go with the flow - a skill that you can use even in your personal life. Better yet, enjoy a day of acting in between fun stints of painting by numbers.

Sculpt Your Own Vases And Crockery in a Pottery Class

Nothing beats the feeling of turning wet clay into an object of your choosing. More so if it’s something you can use in your home, as a decoration or even a serving bowl. You may start off wonky at first, but your skill level will improve with each try. What matters is that you will have made it yourself, which is definitely something to be proud of. And it’s fun. Soon you’ll have painting by numbers hanging up all over your wall and pottery artworks lining your shelves.

Get Into Painting, Even If It’s Not Your Strong Suit

Who said we have to limit fine art expression to coloring books? A painting set can be just as fulfilling, plus you get to hang up the end product or gift it to a loved one. Either way, it’s a relaxing exercise that you'll surely enjoy and will relieve your stress in no time.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something that you enjoy. This way, it won’t feel like an obligation, but rather a much-needed release when the going gets tough. Trust yourself to try something new - you have lots of joy to gain. Get started with a painting set from Paint by Numbers and then take your creativity from there.