Easy To Paint Watercolour Ideas For Beginners

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Easy To Paint Watercolour Ideas For Beginners - Custom paint by number

Each ace needs to go through the absolute first level of the startup, the beginning level. And it can be, it very well may be somewhat troublesome with lots of painting choices in hand. Not everything is explicitly suitable for beginners to advanced abilities. As it occurs, Paint By Numbers Australia has something to offer. 

Here is a rundown of easy to paint watercolour ideas. Some are more basic than others – But whatever level you are at, you can still attempt these paintings yourself. Watercolour is all about being bold and letting loose! 

Allow the tones to flow naturally – No paintings are going to look precisely similar due to the nature of painting with watercolours. So have a good time and do whatever it takes not to stress over mistakes. 

Do you have your supplies ready yet? If not, here are some suggestions: 

  • Watercolour paint 
  • Watercolour round paint brushes (the size of the brush is up to you and relies upon what you will paint) 
  • Watercolour paper 
  • A paper towel 
  • A jar of clean water 

Alright! Got your supplies and a clean desk to work on!  

It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you're constantly battling against your supplies when creating artwork. Make things simpler for yourself by purchasing paper intended for water-soluble mediums. 

​Mixed-media sketchbooks might work contingent upon the amount of paint and/or water you use, so we won't recommend them either until you gain a bit more experience and control over this medium. 


  • Plan colours before starting to paint 
  • For clean edges, use masking or washi tape. 
  • Create beautiful backgrounds out of watercolour for the foreground or making shapes: utilize a pen, marker, or acrylic paint for more precise control. 
  • Ensure your brush is wet while creating gradations or wet-on-wet effects. Work quick before your watercolour paint dries. 
  • Stars can be made by either using a white pen or splattering white acrylic or gouache paint (flick bristles over the paper to make splatter). 

We recommend doing some quick research to discover a brand of watercolour paper that is relatively good quality and price for you to begin utilizing. We do also have custom paint by numbers kits

A lot of simple paintings are accessible for you to choose from:

  1. Birds 
  2. Ferns 
  3. Deers
  4. Cats 
  5. Dogs 
  6. Elephants 
  7. Flamingo 
  8. Flowers 
  9. Colourful Animals 
  10. For Children 

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