5 Useful Tips To Remember With Your Painting By Numbers Kit

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5 Useful Tips To Remember With Your Painting By Numbers Kit - Custom paint by number

Painting by numbers is always a good way to engage your creative side, be it as a child or an adult. When you are using our diverse range to create art, you can feel more at ease knowing our guidelines are there to help you. These kits combine paint, canvas, and brushes.

Painting needn't be stressful; once you are ready to go, inspiration should flow without you feeling hindered in any way. Read on to find out some of our experts' tips for fully immersing yourself in the experience.

Prepare Well

When you start, first clear a flat area. Be sure to set aside a small tub or cup filled with water - to clean the brushes. Paper towels are also useful in helping with spills or painting accidents. If you are worried about the mess, lay down some newspaper over the table's surface area.

Work Effectively

The paint used in these kits is an acrylic option that is water-based, meaning it is both diluted and washed away by water when needed. The paint dries extremely quickly, so when leaving one colour to work on another, be sure to close the lids of the pots.

Mix Carefully

When the paint seems very thick, never mix it with oils or another diluting agent; rather, just add a few drops of water and mix it up. It won't take much, and once combined, it should be ready to use again. Add more water if needed, but ensure it is added little by little to avoid a messy, watery result.

Cover Adequately

The paint should be dense enough to completely cover the numbers on the canvas; however, when mixed lightly or when you try to blend the paint, the darker lettering can sometimes show through. When applied in a single layer and dried, lighter colours can become semi-transparent. If you are worried about the number showing through, use white paint or even a marker to ensure the number cannot show through the paint on top.

Clean Regularly 

If left to sit, the paint on the brushes and in the pots can dry very efficiently. Make a habit of rinsing brushes in a cup of water on a regular basis to ensure no paint remains in the bristles.When you're finished using the brushes, pack them away to prevent breakage and splitting.

Painting by numbers can be just what you need and is for all ages and skill levels, giving you guidance and inspiration with your art. Visit us online today and find a kit ideal for you.