Paint by Numbers for Kids and Children

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This painting method using water color based acrylics is an amazing way to open up the little minds of children. With this special paint by numbers kits for children. Those kits are a great way for these budding artists to be kept entertained. The junior paint by numbers for kids kit are bound to make them complete something artistic from the beginning to the end.

An easy to follow system where they need to stay inside the lines.  A great activity to improve motricity and stimulate young minds whilst teaching the basic methods of painting. We have a lot of kits for kids and children to choose from. We have very simple ones where there are only a couple of colors and the areas are pretty big and we have others that are a bit more challenging for the older kids.

Introduce your children to paint with these kits and help them develop better focus and patience.

Some other benefits of painting include:


Painting is extremely relaxing. The mind focuses full on the task at hand and this releases endorphins which helps with reducing stress. 

Paintings make a person ultimately happier, calmer, and more relaxed. Keeping your anxiety at bay for a couple of hours can help with the mental stability and expressing your creativity.

Increase your emotional intelligence

Emotions are a very important part of creativity. With painting by numbers kits, it is possible to let emotions flow and experience happiness, love, empathy and inner peace. The feeling of relaxation that is achieved with paint helps to achieve a harmonious balance between the mind and the heart.

For those who just need a hobby to help them reduce stress, have a good time pass and a perfect way to chill out, these kits could be the best hobby.

Paint by numbers allows you to concentrate on small sections and focusing on only achieving that specific task there is no need to mix paint or worry about the exact colour to be used. It is a great way to get acquainted your children with our product paint by numbers for children using a paintbrush and practice their brush techniques and control. 

Children and young ones are some of the best and purest souls on the earth. They are lovable creatures who are supremely innocent, and it is due to that very fact that multiple people, artists included make them regular parts of their paintings. However, painting is a skill that is honed over several years and it can be difficult to see and understand the finer points of the skill. Therefore, it would be best to start simple, these paint by numbers for kids are the best and greatest places for any person to start with and are a perfect way to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of painting for the first time. Each of the paint by numbers for children is easily able to bring every up to date on what to do for developing their painting skills and keep people immensely interested by allowing them to easily make high level and amazing quality paintings thereby encouraging them to pursue it further as well. Each paint by numbers for kids has a paint by numbers canvas that has a lot of instructions that work to teach the individual how to paint that particular image. On top of that, there is a large number of high-quality paints and paintbrushes that can be used with the kit or separately. The list of designs available is massive and there are multiple different designs to choose form. However, there are constant updates to the design as well and new designs are often better and this constant update ensures that there will always be something to interest everyone here.

Paint By Numbers for children offers a wonderful way for the young ones to engage and get enveloped in creative tasks. Not just a fun activity to improve artistic ability and create wonderful designs, this also lets your kids develop important analytical and practical skills. See just how beneficial these products can be and get yours today!

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Colouring in this manner, with defined lines and spaces, is ideal for improving hand-eye coordination through casual action. These detailed designs will focus on specific elements of concentration within children as they must select the right colour for the number, as well as carry out each section correctly. These diagrams require that whoever is drawing must fill within specified areas with a predetermined colour in order for the final result to look correct. In doing so it will help to develop hand and eye coordination. 

Number And Colour Identification

These make for a brilliant way to introduce your children to both digits and colours within a creative setting. As they use and interact with each element they will learn to recognise and form associations with the words, colours and digits being used. Whether trying to teach your young ones colours, digits or the names given to them, this can be a fantastic way to see results while they have a great time.

Focus And Concentration

The activities types are especially popular at schools and kindergartens and can provide ample opportunities for fun and learning. Teaching focus and concentration can be done individually or as groups and allows the young mind to focus both on each individual action as well as the whole picture slowly being created. It is believed that spending time colouring in this way better develops skills in a range of mental areas. 

Self Regulation

With traditional image creation of this nature, your children will be able to go at their own pace to complete the artwork as quickly or slowly as they want. Giving them a project of their own to focus on in their spare time if needed. The tidiness or quality of the end product isn’t the main focus, rather the experience of taking it on and completing it. These designs require significantly more patience and self-control than simply drawing casually, most young minds will tackle these days by day until finished. Great care is needed to ensure that your child is choosing the right colour that corresponds with the number listed on the page in order to finish the project as best as possible.

Language Development

When learning common words and actions it is often the brilliant practice to use them repeatedly in either a casual or repetitive way. These interesting and captivating designs will let your kids get captivated for hours while taking in the differences in the words they are learning. 

IF you are looking for eye-catching Paint By Numbers for children feel free to order yours online today. With an extensive range available, browse our range or purchase an item for your kids right away!