What You Need to Know Before You Start: Paint by Numbers

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What You Need to Know Before You Start: Paint by Numbers - Custom paint by number

What Do You Need to Know Before You Start? Paint by Numbers

On the look-out for step-by-step paint by number instructions to get you started? Is it better to stretch your canvas before or after you have painted? How would you eliminate wrinkles? We have answered the most recognized questions and featured everything you're required to know to get started on your new hobby! 

1) Find a comfortable and well-lit room in which to paint. The more detailed the kit, the smaller the numbers and spaces might be. For little details, a magnifying glass and light can be of great use.

2) Find a comfortable table or desk in which to paint. Being slouched over for extended periods can be terrible for your neck and back, so attempt to ensure you are comfortable and change positions frequently. Switching between painting on a flat surface and a tabletop easel typically makes a difference!

3) Clear a space of whatever that should not be wet or filthy! As cautious as we might suspect we will be, the paint always appears to find its way onto something other than canvas!

4) Take a photo of your canvas with your phone! The following will give you a lasting reference sheet that you can never lose, spill paint on, tear, burn, crumple, or shred! You can likewise zoom in on any small numbers or spaces. Now it's time to dump that magnifying glass!

5) Get a tiny cup of water and a couple of paper towels. Keeping the brush moist, yet not too saturated is vital all through the painting process. We strongly suggest going 1 tone/number at a time as it will guarantee your paints stay moist and fresh for the entire kit! To keep your brush wet and clean, plunge the brush in water and dry off any excess with your paper towel. Try to clean it well when switching colours/numbers!

6) Always iron your canvas prior to beginning to paint to get out any creases or wrinkles! 

Getting the most rewarding experience while on your art venture is the point and this can come in different forms for various individuals. Since you now have all the apparatuses to get you started, you're ready to make your own example with Paint By Numbers Canvas. Make sure to look at the wide assortment of collections accessible on our website. With that being said so, how about we get painting!