Tips For A Fantasy Paint By Number Kit

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Tips For A Fantasy Paint By Number Kit - Custom paint by number

When you complete a fantasy paint by number kit, you create a beautiful image that can be displayed anywhere in your home. These sets are high-quality products that give you an easy and accessible way to make art in the comfort of your own home. With an intelligent numbering system that guides you through the image, you can develop your artistic abilities while taking on a fun hobby. Read on to find out some tricks and tips when approaching these images. 

Choose The Right Kit

You’ll need to start with the best paint-by-numbers kit to improve your creativity and ability. A high-quality kit means working with high-quality materials showing vibrant colors over time. When you purchase the right quality kits, you can enjoy beautiful paints and smooth canvas, all geared towards giving you a cherished final product. 

Select An Image

Choosing the right image to paint is just as important as the quality of your materials when you’re looking to create something truly special. If you’re still at a beginner level in terms of experience, choosing an image you’re sure to finish successfully is important. Also, opt for a difficulty level suited to your experience, with bolder spaces for new artists and finer, smaller sections for those with some experience. 

Extra Coats

The key to achieving a polished result is to give each section a couple of layers of paint. Additional layers give a painting real depth, richness of color, and a professional finish. Think of your initial layer as being about blocking-in areas and putting down a base layer. A second layer will fill colors, smooth out streaks, and ensure each section is flat. 

Blend The Edges 

Learning to blend acrylic skillfully takes time and practice, whether full-time artists or simple hobbyists. Blending edges is a fancy term for creating smoother transitions between different colors. Blending must be done when the layers are still wet enough to intermingle. With wetness in mind, keep a handy water spray bottle close to adding a little water when your new colors begin to dry out. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll become a skilled artist who can take the initial design and mold it into something more. 

Fantasy painting by numbers gives you a beautiful set of images to let your creativity flow. With the stunning designs, you can color the picture you love most, creating a long-lasting image to hang in your home. Contact us today to find out more.