Magic, Excitement and New Worlds Await With Our Fantasy Kits

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Magic, Excitement and New Worlds Await With Our Fantasy Kits - Custom paint by number

Our fantasy paint by numbers kits offer a wide range of out-of-this-world paintings to transport you to new lands instantly. We are sure that they will capture your wildest imagination, your favorite fictional characters, and enchanting mythical scenes from your favorite fantasy series. 

From three-headed dragons to mysterious castles, every painting is full of magic that transcends through your creativity and inner artist. So aim for the sky, grab your paintbrush, and color a world that only the most curious of minds can understand.

Create Your Own World

If you're a beginner or an intermediate painter, it can be difficult to recreate some of your favorite fictional characters and fantasy worlds. But we can help you with our unique kits, designed ideally for you.

With a precisely numbered canvas and corresponding paint, all you need to do is find your rhythm, follow the instructions, and enjoy watching your painting come to life. Slowly, you’ll see the details fall into place with vibrant colors and perfectly placed contrast that add depth to your fantasy world.

The fantasy paint-by-number range, whether for adults or children, provides hours of fun while creating something you are passionate about.

Improve Your Skills

With fantasy in mind, wouldn’t it be logical for your paintbrush to be your creative sword and your paint to be a potion? Investing yourself entirely in the activity is the best way to improve your skills, and the best part is that it won’t feel like a chore in the least!

Instead, you’ll see your hand become more steady, your strokes more precise, and your speed improve exponentially as you invest hours in taking your skills to the next level and training your eye to see which colors work best together and the tones that make your art stand out.

From Dungeons and Dragons to Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the infamous Voldemort, these are all worlds you can inhabit while putting paint to canvas with our incredible fantasy paint by numbers kits.

With our popular and highly sought-after fantasy paint by numbers kits, you can easily escape reality. Get lost in another world full of excitement, danger, thrills, and incredible artistry. So, if you’re ready to wield your inner artist in one of the most exciting collections available from our store, visit our website today.