How To Enjoy A Paint By Numbers Kit

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How To Enjoy A Paint By Numbers Kit - Custom paint by number

When you purchase a paint by numbers kit you can enjoy hours of creative fun as you work your way through the image. Many, however, find it daunting to start or are not sure how best to go about it. As the professionals in the mix, and lovers of all things art, we are here to show you how best to enjoy this creative time with yourself. Creative with vibrant colours and stunning images, with a wide range of styles and options to choose from. Be your most creative self and bring your favourite images to life. 

The Right Age

Many will wonder if their option is age appropriate or the best option to choose. While there are grouped images for both kids and adults, anyone with ambition can complete any image. The more intricate and detailed are usually for older individuals, but this doesn't mean the kids cannot give it a try. With a massive selection of images to choose from there are many captivating scenes that anyone could adore. No matter what age you are, you can try your hand and enjoy the results. While the lines are there to guide you, it doesn't need to be perfect to be beautiful.

The Setup

When setting up your space be sure you have enough room to move. Many larger images may require you to move around to different angles, and others could require a range of colours at the ready. Set up your space to be creative, prepare all your paints, colours, brushes and more, before securing your page down to the table. When ready and secure you can go ahead and start your paint by numbers journey. We do also have custom paint by numbers kits

The Colour 

When starting with the colours, we find it best to begin with the darkest colours and make your way lighter. Not only will this method help you see the image more clearly as you create, it also ensures the darkest colours will be dry by the time you put any lighter colours alongside. With less chicken of overlapping the image will come out far more clean and clear. The lighter colours can also help to go over any underlying colour that may have gone over a line. 

Paint By numbers kits Australia are a wonderful way to be creative at home, as an adult or child. With endless ways to express yourself and hundreds of wonderful images to bring to life, we can show you the best way to be creative. Contact us to find out more!