How To Decorate Your Home With Original DIY Paintings Made With Our Help

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How To Decorate Your Home With Original DIY Paintings Made With Our Help - Custom paint by number

What’s better than a series of original paintings to add some pizzazz to your home? Not only do they bring in some colour, but they also tell a story about the house and the people who live in it. There are many ways to express your creative side, and creating paintings to put up around your home with help from Paint By Numbers is one of them. In this blog, we discuss how the process works as well as use your artistic creations to decorate your home.

We have also another huge list of easy things to paint and if we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

How Does The Whole Thing Work?

Not everyone can be Van Gogh, but we all do have an artistic side. At Paint By Numbers, we’ve transformed a tool that was once used mainly by toddlers into a creative support system for adults. You can order a set which includes a canvas, picture outline with number keys, brushes, and paint. Each colour is assigned a number, which you then fill in to create the complete artwork. Wondering which pieces should you opt for and where should you put them all once they’re complete? We have a few ideas.

1) Create Special Paintings For Your Kids’ Rooms To Make Them Unique

Decorating a child’s room presents an opportunity for you to be as expressive as you’d like. Children tend to love colour and imaginative elements. With one of our kits, you have a chance to create something that makes your child’s room feel extra special for them. Not only will it add to the wonder of playtime, but it will make sleeping in the room much more fun as well.

2) Replicate Popular Fine Art Pieces To Add A Classic Feel

Most people can’t afford to buy original classic artwork, especially one-of-a-kind pieces painted by popular artists such as Monet and Picasso. Many of these types are kept in museums or galleries across the world, anyway. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own recreation. A set from our range can guide on how to paint your own replica for your home.

3) Bring In An Element Of Nature With Paintings Of Fauna & Flora

If you live in the city or even a city-adjacent suburb, chances are that there isn’t much nature in your immediate surroundings. Opt for a painting of a natural landscape, plants, or animals to add some nature into your space. You can even go for nature designs with a futuristic twist, such as our Rainbow Zebra.

4) Try Out Cool Paintings Of Places That Match The Bathroom Setting

Bathrooms are usually neglected on the art front, but there’s a lot you can do to bring some life into the space. Go for paintings of places that bring out the colours of your finishes, mats, and curtains. This makes the bathroom feel more personal, so everyone feels comfortable while getting ready there.

5) Create Artworks That Bring Out The Character In Your Homes Design

Shop through our multiple categories of paintings that will work well with the style of your home. Whether it’s traditional, artsy, modern, simplistic, or anything in between, there’s something in the catalogue for you. Our art sets have pieces that are great for any space from small apartments to huge family homes.

6) Go For Colour Schemes That Complement The Furniture That You Already Have

Beyond the design, pay special attention to the colours of the paintings. This is important because your new paintings shouldn’t clash with the furniture and decor that you already have around the house. It’s okay to mix instead of matching, but don’t go too far off the colour wheel.

7) Add A Touch Of Personality To Each Bedroom With Individual Portraits

There are many faces to choose from in our catalogue, so you can get a different portrait for each room. This helps to capture the personality and style of each individual living in your house while tying the entire home together with a common thread. The perfect balance of individuality and a theme.

8) Create Classic Still Life Art Pieces For A Lively Kitchen

We’ve all tried to paint a realistic fruit bowl with apples and bananas, perhaps placed on top of a table. It might not have turned out quite right back in school, but you can get it right this time. Still life doesn’t necessarily have to equate to lifelessness. In fact, it can add some character to the space where you create your favourite meals daily.

There’s something for everybody ay Painting By Numbers. You’ll find a range of paintings to choose from, including fantasy, still lifes, animals and plants. Visit our website today to view the full range.