Discover Paint By Numbers And How It Helps Your Mental Health

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Discover Paint By Numbers And How It Helps Your Mental Health - Custom paint by number

There are so many factors in our daily lives that contribute to stress, anxiety and depression. Without realising it, we experience sleeplessness, fatigue and symptoms such as headaches, runny noses, loss of appetite and a general discomfort in both our bodies and minds. Becoming run-down is now a standardised part of life, and the reality of making a living means that we are constantly chasing the clock. Finding ways to care for ourselves is essential, so continue reading to learn more about paint by numbers and how it helps your mental health. 

Art And Your Brain 

The human brain is a complex organ that is continuously working to build memories, thought chains, movement, speech, and the overall function of our existence. It is an organ that can be developed throughout our lives, generating new cells and transmissions every second. Of course, the more we structure our mental health and provide the necessary TLC to combat deterioration, the better we can perform in all aspects of our daily lives. We all know the importance of training and exercising our brains, but do we fully understand the importance of helping our brains relax? We find ourselves constantly overthinking, overanalysing and stressing, and we know that we need to shut down and take a break, but many people simply don’t know how to do it. 

To completely isolate your brain from stress and anxiety triggers, you need to draw away from your ordinary life. It typically starts by doing something you don’t usually do. This could be learning to bake, starting a vegetable garden or perhaps starting a woodwork project in your garage. Not only will the activity be a distraction, but it is also creating a new channel for communication between your brain and your body, providing a foundation for repair and recovery. The most important part of the recovery system is stimulating your brain with creativity, allowing you to feel bliss with the rush of endorphins your brain releases. 

A popular medium of creativity used to reduce stress and improve your mental health is painting. The connection between your brain, body and emotions is significant while painting as the activity allows you to focus on your thoughts and direct them onto the canvas. As you paint, you are transferring your anxiety, burdens and stress and renewing your mind simultaneously. Painting is a definitive solution for the care of your mental health. 

Sensory Stimulation

Paint by numbers is an activity that every age can benefit from. There are significant benefits to your mental health across the board, for children who struggle to express themselves to adults who simply need a healthy medium to decompress after a stressful day. 

Painting involves many of our senses, obviously not taste - unless you’ve always wondered what different colours taste like. But besides taste, our other senses, including sight, smell, touch and hearing, are all stimulated in the process of transferring our energies onto a canvas. For people who suffer from anxiety, this is exceptionally important. By grounding yourself in the activity through sensory stimulation, you are reassuring your mind that your surroundings are stable and eliminating the opportunity for circumstantial and hypothetical worrying. 

The smell of the paint will solidify your actions. The colours will trigger various emotional responses, and the sound of your breathing will centre you in the moment to address whatever thoughts or emotions you are dealing with. To round it off, the feeling and weight of the paintbrush in your hand signals your brain to physically express yourself so you can both mentally and physically experience the repair and recovery of your mental health. 

Paint by numbers makes this process far more enjoyable as it provides a ready to use canvas of a portrait you can relate to. By painting something you are connected to, you are simultaneously supplementing your emotions with strong memories that, again, release endorphins and make you feel happy and renewed. Whether you love animals, abstract art, nature or futuristic landscapes, there is something for everyone in our color by numbers online store. we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

Give yourself the TLC you need to flush out your system and renew your mind. Contact us today or browse our website to learn how paint by numbers can help your mental health.