Creative Choices: Designs That Speak To You

  • by Paint by number online
Creative Choices: Designs That Speak To You - Custom paint by number

Be it a hobby or skill you intend to master, painting can be a fulfilling creative outlet. Our paint by number kits can be supportive to your individual needs, without limiting your expression in any way. That being said, whether you are a complete novice or seasoned expert, you are likely unsure of how to pick your next canvas kit to paint.

Are you struggling to decide what to paint next? In this blog, we’ve provided you with helpful advice from our team of experts, so you can make your next choice with ease: 

Consider Your Ability

Before you set yourself a challenge with a complex design, consider how adept you are at painting. If you are just starting out, chances are, blending colors may not be your strong suit. Likewise, buying simple designs that take mere minutes to complete, can be a source of frustration if you were looking forward to spending your entire weekend painting away. While our paint by number kits are designed for every skill level, it is ultimately your choice, and we want you to have the best experience expressing yourself with our help. 

Stop Overthinking It 

Painting should be easy, interesting, and enjoyable! But overthinking what you would like to paint can make for an unpleasant and forced experience. While challenging and unusual subjects canvas designs may seem exciting, choosing lighthearted material is a good way to ease yourself into painting with our kits, before you get to the more complex pieces. 

The downside of spending too much time wondering what you should paint next, is that it can lead to you procrastinating and putting off the opportunity to start a well-deserved pastime!  

Choose With Your Heart 

Our kits are designed to pique interest, to offer you an expressive outlet, and keep you engaged at the same time. Choosing a design that really appeals to you is the greatest approach to accomplish all three. If the design speaks to you, you are more likely to enjoy yourself and produce a captivating masterpiece. Remember, there’s a design for everyone, whether you find our vibrant animals exciting, our fantasy items unusual, or mandalas the perfect fit for you. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be an accomplished artist to use our paint by number kits. Art shouldn’t be inaccessible, hard or even obnoxious! You can choose the canvases you love, and make them your own. At Paint By Numbers, we have a wide variety of designs to help you ease into the painting process, and hopefully into a new hobby too. Browse through our options online and start expressing yourself creatively today!