Color Exploration To Enjoy

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Color Exploration To Enjoy - Custom paint by number

Once you purchase your first paint by numbers canvas, you’ll browse our collections daily to find your next project. It is an engaging and addictive art form in which you are bound to find joy. 

Painting on a blank canvas requires a certain level of experience and skill that many of us simply don’t have, which is why paint by numbers is so popular. With the conveniently number-color coordinated canvas, you can easily bring the painting to life by following the instructions and applying your brush to the correct color pot. From nature to space and everything in between, abstract or idyllic, there are various paint by numbers kits to choose from for every mood and style. 

It’s not just another art project - it’s the doorway to a world of color exploration, self-expression, and discovery. 

Something For Everyone

The great thing about the arts is that there is no one style or ‘right way’ of doing things. From graffiti to oil paintings and everything in between, everyone has a unique contribution to the industry that wasn’t there before, and that’s exactly why the arts will never die. 

With so much versatility and room to explore and create, painting is an activity that you can delve into and learn from every day. You’ll be surprised by just how much your skills and knowledge improve in a year of painting, and with paint by numbers, you’ll have a new project every month to help build your experience. 

With canvases suited to beginners through more experienced painters, you’ll initiate your paintbrush with confidence and progress confidently with more intricate and detailed paintings as you learn to build textures, contrast, and layer color pallets. 

Introducing Children To Painting

Children are full of learning potential, so getting them involved in the creative arts early on will set the pace for their educational careers. Painting is one of the most popular art forms that children can participate in, helping them strengthen their fine motor skills and coordination and promoting mental wellness through self-expression. 

In addition, children with anxiety, social disassociation, depression, or insomnia, will benefit greatly from a painting by feeling more in control and relaxing their minds by focusing on the project at hand and taking it one step at a time. 

We’ll say it again; it’s more than just another art project - it is true freedom of expression in an easy and enjoyable manner. Visit our online store today to place your order and browse our collections to find your favorite paint by numbers canvas!