50 Easy Things to Paint for Beginners

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50 Easy Things to Paint for Beginners - Custom paint by number


Like many worthwhile easy things to paint, it can be difficult knowing where to begin your painting journey can be tough – there’s so much to learn and just as many different ways of to learn it. Starting out, everyone starts out on an even playing field – everyone that can paint well has built their skills over time. We understand that this may require some patience, but we all have to start somewhere, right? We have handcrafted a list of easy, cool & cute things to paint will hopefully give you some guidance for your first few steps into the wonderful, artful world of painting. we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

Now that you’ve decided to start painting, where to begin... Do you work on your brushwork or your brushwork? Your landscapes or your portraits? To be honest, there is no right or wrong way to begin. It boils down to whatever it is that you want to paint, and how you want to paint it.

That being said, we have gathered a few tips and tricks that will help you get started and begin developing the skills that will likely stay with you throughout your artistic career.

What Makes A Painting ‘Easy’?

Just like the term ‘art’, the modifier ‘easy’ is a little subjective but for the sake of getting you started, let’s say that it can be a question of shape (an apple is a far simpler shape an apple tree) or of detail (cartoons or abstract paintings require a different set of skills than more realistic works of art).

The technique is another barrier that easy things to paint for beginners need to get used to. For instance, starting with a set of acrylic paints and a jar of water will be much less intimidating than having to navigate turpentine, Liquin and the various other chemicals required to get into oil painting. It’s the age-old ‘walk before you can run’ trope.

It is for this reason that our list is made up of only acrylic easy & cool painting ideas for beginners & things to paint for beginners – it’s the perfect medium for those that are just starting out. Combine this with simple shapes or the blueprint of a paint by numbers, and you might find that this painting lark isn’t quite so insurmountable after all.

Painters tend to get in trouble with the starting choices almost all the time. In fact, getting an easy portrayal seems one hard task to accomplish for beginners. But you can skip all the anxiety with Paint By Numbers Online’s collection. You just have to look at its enormous aggregation of easy numbered painting kits for beginners.

There are plenty of easy & cool things to paint for beginners available to make one or several choices. You may want to take a look at the picks right below to save some hassles. 

  • Indian & Cowboy Animals 4

Pretty much stunned tribal owl comes with somewhat simple getup patterns having solid colors.


  • Minimalism 9

Three distinctive abstract objectives are lying in irregular arrangement with generalized linings.

  • Ferns & Cacti 3

Upper scenario of one blooming cacti in a light green hue with tiny dark greened spikes all over.

  • Colorful Landscape N8

Incredible portrayal of defined patterns of ground portions, presenting satisfactory wilderness.

  • Cute Animal Collection N19

Cute easy things to paint & baby pig in ordinariness arrives with a slight bunch of flowers in its mouth to offer friendship.

  • Whale Collection 2

Loneliness of a diving mermaid from the back gets captured in extreme simplicity close to the shore.

  • Elephant Series 11

Future steps result in a sheer change in physique, pretty easy things to paint meaning with one moral background.

  • Indian & Cowboy Animals 2

Certain incident makes the tribal fox pretty happy; no complexity prevails to express the feeling.

  • Colorful Landscape N3

Somewhat parted wilderness got perfectly portrayed without combining heavy colors or shades.

  • Lighthouse 21

One lighthouse on tottering cliffs lacks intense details but induces a remarkable offshore view.

  • Cute Pig

Amazing innocence keeps glittering from the cute piglet without imparting any further details.

  • Minimalism 7

Distant hills with closeup cliff having tress surround the invisible water to represent nature.

  • Cute Panda

Complex reaction seems to come from a stunningly simple joyful presentation of the lovely panda.

  • Quirky Cats Series 6

Even the sun starts to appear in a face just behind the happy cat family with straight-lined colors.

  • Colorful Landscape N1

Unbelievable brightness of moonlight depicts a mysterious yet pleasant view of night-time nature.

  • Peekaboo Animals 13

Sneaking animal seems to get out of a cartoon with simple details, cacti including a bloomed flower.

  • Ferns & Cacti 6

More like a closeup view of pineapple leaves with a mixed blend of an easily applicable green hue.

  • Cute Animal Collection N3

Two cute little bunny gets together to make love, simply skipping all the surrounding details.

  • Whale Collection 3

Just an adventurous girl taking a ride towards the unknown riding the back of a giant flying whale.

  • Elephant Colorful 13

Combination of basic colors gives the wild elephant an ingenious look along with the elements.

  • Cute Animal N5

Looks like the sniffing mouse is set to hunt the next prey or meal, without sacrificing easiness.

  • Indian & Cowboy Animals 8

Simply outfitted tribal bunny checks out something before heading towards the hunting session.

  • Quirky Women Series 6

Women trying to withhold all the falling drops from her abstract hair, within a simple portrayal.

  • Ships & Galleon 16

A beautiful on-sailing view of the royal ship with pretty precise yet friendly details to attend.

  • Colorful Landscape N12

Lonely girl sitting on the edge of a floating boat surrounded by simple yet insightful surroundings.

  • Peekaboo Animals 10

Cartoon lion with a friendly look enjoys the wilderness, without containing the slightest mess.

  • Sunflowers 11

Unparalleled gift of nature gets portrayed in terms of indoor decoration with moderate details.

  • Horse 24


Cute east things to paint & horse seems to take its time in the sky openness, surrounded by simplified natural beauty.

  • Gentle Giants 10

Lots of linings keep every part distinctive from one another, offering a satisfying colorful look.

  • Ferns & Cacti 4

Astonishing close-up view from the top with captivating shades throughout, centering the crest.

  • Minimalism 3

Hilly cliff on a transparent riverbank reveals an amazingly beautiful nature inside the circular frame.

  • Elephant Series 13

The setting sunlight gets blocked by the lonely elephant, passing a natural way to reach its home.

  • Horses 6

One true remarkable presentation of wild horses running without restriction over the green field.

  • Cute Animal Collection N23

Excellent feather color gives the lovely parrot a great appeal, without any troublesome complexity.

  • Flamingo 11

Two apprehended flamingoes provide an outstanding scenario, eliminating unnecessary additional.

  • Moonlight Jumping Unicorn

The fearsome unicorn roars at the very end of the uphill cliff with some extra but simple details.

  • Whale Collection 7

An insight into the offshore diversity with whale & turtle comes in simple, exact & supporting color.

  • Indian & Cowboy Animals 6

Tribal cat seems to lose the concentration from preparing its hunting essentials with an easy thing to paint appeal.

  • Horse 15

Added items imply the horse to come from royalty, with bold details but simpler implementation.

  • Trendy 2

Three cacti having friendly colors, loaded with spikes stand slightly before the bright background.

  • Indian & Cowboy Animals 5

Sneaking look on the bear’s face follows a simple getup, no compromising with the overall outlook.

  • Ferns & Cacti 8

A natural view of fully blooming fern leaves having a light greenish hue, from an upright position.

  • Quirky Cat Series 8

Happy cat family posing together with lots of flowered background, nothing to give up on its colors.

  • Colorful Landscape N10

Breathtaking landscape view comes with a precise borderline with basic colors for individual parts.

  • Whale Collection 9

One sweet little girl seems to have endless fun playing with the dolphins, within minimal complexity.

  • Up in the Air

One incredible photo to hit the mind with an optimum impression, fewer details over lots of colors.

  • Horse Splash 14

Great abstract photo to require precise shading of various colors, rather good push the skill forward.

  • Sunflowers 14

Despite the all severe details throughout, it features simple utilization of convenient color intensity.

  • Horse Splash 11

Hairy horse got apprehended inside an abstract frame, average details can deliver excellent output.

  • Colorful Landscape N7

Satisfying landscape comes with accurate outlining, basic colors, slight shading & exceptional beauty. 

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