4 Pro Tips To Ensure Your Paint By Numbers Art Piece Comes Out Tops

  • by Paint by number online
4 Pro Tips To Ensure Your Paint By Numbers Art Piece Comes Out Tops - Custom paint by number

Even the most seasoned artists are always learning new ways to navigate the different mediums they use to create amazing artworks. Paint and canvas can be particularly tricky, so it’s important to take note of some tips before going in head first. There are many different techniques, but we’ve compiled a list of the ones we find easiest to follow when using a Paint By Numbers kit. Some will work right away, while others will require a creative tweak here and there. Feel free to explore what works for you.

Tip #1 - Have Some Water On Standby To Adjust The Paint’s Consistency To Your Liking

As you work through painting an art piece, some batches of paint may be of a thicker consistency than you would like. A couple of water droplets mixed into the paint may do the trick. However, if that doesn’t work, you can use a thinning product of your choice.

Tip #2 - Use White Correction Fluid Or Paint To Make The Numbers Less Visible

For paintings with light colours, it’s likely that the numbers will still show through each coat. To avoid this, you can use correction fluid or a thin coat of white paint to neutralise the printed number. Wait for the affected area to dry before you continue painting with the relevant colours.

Tip #3 - Designate A Secluded Area For Painting To Deter Pets And Children From Fiddling With Your Work

Nothing is more frustrating than making progress on an artwork only to find unexpected fingerprints, paw prints, and fur on your wet canvas. Use a room that’s not busy to store your painting in while it dries and lock it temporarily. This will save you major disappointment.

Tip #4 - Iron Out Any Wrinkles That Show Up On Your Canvas

Remember that canvas is a type of fabric. It’s also heat-resistant enough to be ironed on a low- to medium-iron setting, so you don’t have to settle for wrinkles (unless they form part of your creative expression).

You want to produce the best possible version of the artwork as possible. This can mean going the extra mile in a few ways, but the final result is always worth it. Pay attention to the finer details so that you have an artwork to be proud of in the end. Shop now for a painting.