20 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

  • by Paint by number online
20 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners - Custom paint by number

Every pro has to go through the very first level of the startup, the beginning level. And it’s somewhat difficult with lots of painting options in hand. Not everything is specifically suitable for beginners to promote skills.

We have also another huge list of easy things to paint and if we do also have custom paint by numbers kits

It comes with an enriched collection of easy painting kits. And we narrowed down the list ahead of letting you enjoy the primary level. 

  • Indian & Cowboy Animals 7

The winking tribal bird is certainly passing through a happy time. All the designed patterns remain easy for anyone to make a start.

  • Cute Animal Collection N1

The lovely cute bunny is taking a break right over the colorful mushroom. Its frame should give a solid idea of shading & its effect on beginners.

  • Minimalism 11

It’s indeed an impressive wilderness of mother nature to teach the starter. Simple combination of different color intensity should help.

  • Sunflowers 9

An entire bouquet of bloomed sunflower has the position inside a classic vase. Additional showpiece adds greater details to trigger a realistic view.

  • Peekaboo Animals 9

The cartoon giraffe seems to pose without any particular intention towards viewers. Clean sky background keeps everything rather easy.

  • Colorful Landscape N2

Incredibly colorized layers of the surface are one good lesson to understand intensities. The whole frame represents an easy test for any passionate learner.

  • Claude Monet 12

The particular openness resembles simple regular days of the ordinary village field. It’s simple but obviously insightful from every aspect.

  • Horse 13

Two horses stand together on a greenish stabling farm to get captured. The details are simple to attend with the minimal coloring complexity.

  • Ships & Galleon 9

It’s one beautiful beach to spend the vacation, coming out of a dream. Somewhat precise borderlines with several color combo give an easier challenge.

  • Cute Animal Collection N12

The pretty happy giraffe simply posed for the view with a remarkable smile. And there are several colors on the long neck to implement easily.

  • Ferns & Cacti 1

Presenting the fern leaves may represent a challenge. But there’s a lot to learn with the single frame containing a good number of green leaves.

  • Quirky Cats Series 7

An entire cat family is looking forward to capturing the moment with a black background. And the surrounding elements come with a solid color to keep it simple.

  • Whale Collection 9

Three happy whales, different in sizes are having fun on quiet water. It’s undeniably one simple idea to implement by every conscious beginner.

  • Lighthouse 28

The lighthouse, accompanied by nearby houses initiate a classic appeal. The sunset view is rather pleasing, in terms of viewing & painting both.

  • Elephant Series 6

The wild elephant gets captured within a darker frame without details. Therefore, everything gets pretty simple to paint to give it a lifelike look.

  • Colored Chihuahua

The chihuahua comes with optimal innocence, beauty & relevance. Distinctive colors on various spots obviously make it worthy of trying.

  • Flamingo 16

Two distant flamingoes make the view within one single frame. Likewise, the frame will take time, concentration & patience, still easy for any beginner.

  • Color Pop Series – Tiger

Royalty has to come with the gorgeous tiger sitting in a silent pose. And it has a lot to offer ahead of getting the precise borderline lessons.

  • Horse 25

One horse essentially passing its time inside the stabling. Fewer details keep it pretty simple yet give a stunning outcome in the very end.

  • Ships & Galleons 26

The well-known royal ship from the British fleet is set to sail the water. And you can easily resemble the tremors attending the slight details.